London, UK

New UK headquarters

CMS, one of the UK’s leading legal firms, established their new UK headquarters at the new Cannon St development; a building providing an expansive clear footprint, for their move to an open plan format.

The workstation was developed to provide a one size fits all brief, allowing a good degree of privacy whilst maintaining an open plan, collaborative workspace. The ‘Unifor P4 screen’ provided an intelligent, flexible solution allowing enclosure, privacy through stacking elements and a reversible stacking storage solution allowing an open plan library facility.

With a need for the workstation design to fulfil such an important brief, the solution provided has been regarded as a class leading typology. A clear case of design function, developed correctly, providing freedom for the business operation to flourish.

  • Project: Cannon Place
  • Client: CMS Legal
  • Architect: MCM Architecture
  • Size: 350,000 sq ft
  • Range: Satelliti
  • Finishes: White laminate with strong floor by Colourways
Hamish Gregorie
Sales Executive

As leader of the project team and 17 years with Ergonom, Hamish has been responsible for the management and delivery of an extensive catalogue of successful Ergonom office furniture projects. Including 4,000 workstations for BlackRock, 2,000 workstations for Unilever, 1,000 bespoke positions for NM Rothschild, 3,500 workstations for Allen & Overy and 5,000 workstations for Bloomberg.